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A win for cyclists!


Due to the intervention by St George BUG, and especially by ex- President, Kathee Quirk, we have been assured of a pedestrian/cycle bridge over President Avenue in Brighton-Le-Sands, which will connect to the promised M6 cycle path which will commence construction in 2022. The project was signed off by the Planning and Public Places Minister, Rob Stokes. As reported in The Leader of 15 January 2020: "The project includes a new shared cycle and pedestrian pathway through Brighton-Le-Sands, including a bridge over President Avenue."

Before our submission, the cycle path stopped right at President Avenue, with no safe passage to cross over it. Well done Kathee!!

On-going advocacy projects 2022

1.  We are continuing to monitor progress of the Alexandra canal cycleway by the Sydney Gateway Project.

2.  We are keeping abreast of the proposed SCATL (Sutherland to Cronulla Active Transport) path to ensure it is safe and worthwhile.​


A better environment for cycling and cyclists


Through advocacy we are achieving a better local cycling environment by working collaboratively with Bicycle NSW; local Councils; State and Federal Governments; Bicycle User Groups; Community Groups and other cycling organisations; and by making submissions to relevant government projects as they are announced, e.g. the Sydney Gateway project; 30-Minute Cities project; RMS F6 extension project.


Promoting cycling


St George BUG promotes and encourages cycling by organising both weekend and weekday rides catering to a mixture of experience, fitness level, age, gender and type of bicycle. We ride in various areas throughout Sydney, the central coast, south coast and Blue Mountains.


We also engage in weekend trips away for our members and their partners. 


Active transport


St George BUG is involved in encouraging members, as well as the wider community, to embrace active transport by utilising the numerous bike paths which are available, while advocating to the relevant government departments the need for further cycle paths, dedicated cycleways and separated cycle lanes on major roads, thus aiding speedier active travel between home and work or places of education, as well as to train stations to connect with rail transport.


With the increasing popularity of electric bikes, now is the opportunity to make available active transport links so they will be in place for the expected increase in future use. We encourage the RMS cycleway planners to embrace planning for the future right now.

Members are encouraged to report of problem directly via the NSW Government’s ‘Report a Hazard’ form and for more serious matters, discuss your matter with a BUG Office Bearer or the nominated Public Officer.


This will provide continuity and alignment with the respective Bike Plans for each of the Local Government Areas.

Another excellent site is #FixMyBikePath2019 on the Bicycle NSW website We should look forward to perfect cycling conditions if everyone took an active role in reporting their local bike path issues.

Members are encouraged to take an active role in cycling advocacy. Feel free to contact our President or Vice President in regard to submitting, suggesting or joining in advocacy discussions and activation.

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