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WORLD’S BEST BIKING CITIES (No, Sydney is not on the list)

The Copenhagenize Design Company has motivated us even more to advocate for a better cycling environment by releasing their 2015 list of the top cycling cities in the world. With rising urbanisation, our cities need modern mobility solutions and the bicycle proves time and again that it can offer results. Keep this in mind when reading the 2015 list, and how much Australia’s largest city could benefit from infrastructure which encourages more people to ride a bike. For more information

Yoga to the Rescue!

Why twisting like a pretzel can improve your riding - and how to do it right. Even if you lack the time for a full yoga routine, you can focus on a few key moves to increase strength and flexibility in your hamstrings, hips, and shoulders - the muscle groups you use most when riding. The article covers three poses targeting these areas. On ride days, do these moves before heading out, and again when you return. On recovery days, just one session is sufficient. For more information

Banks Volunteer of the Year Award 2015

It is with great pleasure to announce that Paul Gage received a Banks Volunteer of the Year Award, presented by the Federal Member for Banks David Coleman MP and special guest the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP The BUG was asked to consider and nominate a member that it considered has gone above and beyond in their service to the community. The Committee was unanimous in its nomination of Paul to receive this award, reflecting member recognition for his contribution in time and effort in promoting the St George Bicycle Users Group. Examples include laying the groundwork for our members in advocating enhanced safety, regular Ride Leader and identifying meaningful ways for the BUG to ‘give back’ suc

LifeBEAM Smart Helmet

Very interesting technology transferred from aerospace to cycling and compatible with most fitness apps, fitness devices and mobile devices No more wearing chest straps to monitor this information For more information

Smiles per Hour

Cargo bikes carry cartloads of smiles for a wide variety of people, as well as smile-value for businesses. Fascinating, insightful and thought provoking article. For more information

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