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Bicycle Network 2020 Strategy

I’m sure that like us, you dream of the day when Australia is a nation of bike riders. When our liveable communities are full of healthy, happy people pedalling.

However, the depressing fact is that each year, 20 times more Australians become physically inactive than take up bike riding.

It’s our job to fix this problem. To do that, we need the government to act. But from our elected representatives we see far more talk than action.

It’s time to draw a line in the sand. Through strength in numbers we can build the influence we need to get things moving much faster.

As a member, we want to share with you our vision for the future. We are proud to reveal to you our 2020 strategy (Go to the Resources page and click on the download link)

We need all of Australia’s four million bike riders and 14 million Australians who want to ride to join us. Together we can make the dream of a nation of bike riders come true. Are you with us?


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