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Kym Easton Memorial Ride 2014 - Update

Grant Easton recently attended Calvary Hospital to place the plaques on the items purchased with the funds raised from the ride earlier this year The items purchased/ donated included an Outdoor Table Setting, Fridge, Microwave, Toaster, Sandwich Press The BUG Committee on behalf of the members congratulates Grant Easton and all that participated/ donated to this event

If you come across an injured rider

As cyclists, we all accept that there is a risk of injury when we ride. Nobody wants to get injured, of course, and by the same token, no one wants to see a fellow cyclist get injured while out riding. But chances are you’ll be first on the scene during a cycling accident at some point in which case it makes sense to be prepared. StartFragment So, what should you do if you come across a fellow rider (or someone else) that’s been injured? Emergency doctor and cyclist Dr Carl Le has put together the following guide. Please note that the following constitutes Dr Carl’s personal thoughts on the subject and may not be applicable to your situation. All advice should be considered as general advice

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