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Sir Hubert Opperman's Malvern Star

At a time when dirt tracks made up 1,600km of the 4,402km route from Fremantle to Sydney one rider without peer established a record of 13 days, 10 hours and 11 minutes for the journey. Sir Hubert Opperman’s career had many other highlights but this was a ride that captured the imagination of a nation. A fascinating review by Warren Meade of Ride Cycling Review (originally published April 2007) looking at a replica of the bike he used for the epic adventure in 1937.

2015/ RACV Goldfields Ride

Over a 9day period in late November/ early December 2015, BUG members Brian Pirie, Colin Mable, Pat Hill and BUG 'friend' Brian Rees undertook the 540km RACV Goldfields ride StartFragment Picturesque towns visited included Bendigo, Ballarat, Heathcote and Inglewood The photos are a sample of the ride, including tram trip in Bendigo and being greeted at the finish line by local volunteers

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