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Road ID

Bicycle riding coach, Jenny Triggs, highlighted a relatively inexpensive, but highly appropriate product called Road ID. It provides key contact information (customisable) in the event of an accident and can save precious time of first-responders in providing assistance In addition to Road ID, all members should utilise the Emergency+ Smartphone App. Refer to the BUG website "Our Rides/ Resources' for the link For more information on Road ID -

WD-40 Bike

When it comes to bike care, trust the name that’s been there all along: WD-40 Now, a whole new line of bike-specific products is ready to ride. Developed for the whole bicycle, WD-40 BIKE has been meticulously tested to provide superior cleaning, lubrication and protection. For more information

Road Disc Brakes: A Mechanic's View

There hasn't been a technical innovation that has caused as much controversy, but for the typical rider, should your next road bike have disc brakes? An interesting, thoughtful and insightful consideration on the trend towards disk brakes for road bikes For more information

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