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BUG Cycling Jersey - Revised Pricing

The jersey supplier has advised that the full-length zipper is now included as standard, a saving of $5.00 with the base price remaining unchanged at $58.00 per jersey (the option of long sleeve an additional $7.00). This continues to represent excellent value for money Refunds are being organised for our members who had selected and paid for the full-length zipper

In Memory of Greg Rosen

Twelve months ago Greg Rosen passed away, after battling ill health. Greg had been a member of the BUG for many years, enjoying the weekend events and riding with his partner, member and ride leader Natalie Cleary. On behalf of the Committee and all members, we extend our thoughts, prayers and support to Natalie Cleary and respective families. This is an opportunity for each of us to pause, reflect and celebrate Greg’s life

Cycling and the Infrastructure Investment Program

Earlier this year, the BUG President was invited by the Federal Member for Banks, David Coleman, MP to discuss cycling needs across the St George and greater Sydney region. Suggestions including dedicated & integrated cycling pathways such as on M7 were canvassed on behalf of the BUG The Federal Member for Banks committed to seeking advice on the Commonwealth Governments strategy for cyclists using major roads. A response from the Assistant Minister for Infrastructure, the Hon Jamie Briggs has been received and summarized as follows: The Government is committed to supporting the safety and wellbeing of cyclists. It is working closely with states, territories and the bicycle industry to deliv

Kym Easton Memorial Ride

Grant Easton led the inaugural Kym Easton Memorial Ride from Rooty Hill to Como. For the BUG members it was a fitting way to both remember and honour Kym Grant thanked all those that rode today and acknowledged the support offered to his mother Kym during her palliative care and also highlighted the support of Jo Young and Col Drever in assisting with the ride organisation. The ride finished with a moving 'walk across Como Bridge' wherein the riders received a tremendous feast by Grant's extended family, as a thankyou to all those that rode The ride also served as a fundraiser for the palliative care nurses at Calvary Hospital whom Grant acknowledged for their special support during an exten

Beginner Maintenance Course

Bicycle NSW (BNSW) runs this course to help you learn the skills required to keep your bike running well and you out on the road. Learning covers adjusting your brakes to make them work effectively tuning the gears and general troubleshooting changing a flat tyre (hands-on instruction) Staff from Park Bikes delivers the course on the first Saturday of every second month. Location is at their store, opposite Sydney Olympic Park Train Station. Cost is $10 (BNSW members) or $20 non members For more information refer…/courses/maintenance/beginner/

Volvo Cars LifePaint

Road safety shouldn’t be for the few. It should be everyone. The ones not driving our cars, and the ones who prefer two wheels to four LifePaint is a unique reflective safety spray. Invisible by daylight, it glows brightly in the glare of car headlights. Making the invisible, visible. LifePaint washes off, and will not affect the colour or surface of your chosen material, lasting for approximately one week after application Whilst designed for cycling safety, LifePaint can be used in a variety of ways and applied to a range of items including shoes, helmets, backpacks

How to change a tube

There are two primary causes for punctures—one that you can to some extent control and one you can’t The first is what’s known as a pinch flat and is caused by tyre pressure being too low, causing the tyre to compress when hitting a bump and pinching the tube against the rim. One way of avoiding such punctures is by ensuring you maintain correct tyre pressure The second is something working its way through the tyre, pricking the tube and causing it to deflate. This can either be instantaneous, or a delayed process resenting itself some way down the track—always, it seems, at a time of great inconvenience Your optimal pressure (usually marked on the sidewall of your tyre, given in PSI) may de

Emergency + Smartphone App

Australia’s Triple Zero Awareness Working Group has developed a smartphone app for iOS and Android devices to provide the caller with information: when to call Triple Zero who to call in various non-emergency situations, including State Emergency Service (SES) (132 500) Police Assistance Line (131 444) Crime Stoppers (1800 333 000) Health Direct Australia (1800 022 222) The smartphone app assists the caller to dial the relevant number and displays the GPS coordinates of the phone's location, that the caller can read out to the emergency operator and expedite prompt attention The app is free of charge and available for download from iTunes and Google Play Stores

BUG First Aid Kits

The Committee has sourced and stocked 2x light-weight containers which fit into drink bottle cages or the rear pocket of a cycling jersey. One kit would be used for the regular Kurnell ride and one used for general BUG rides. Ride Leaders to coordinate hand-over between general rides The President (or delegate) responsible for the Kurnell ride The Vice President will be responsible for restocking (if used).

New BUG Cycling Jersey

The Committee has agreed upon a new BUG Cycling Jersey. All members are encouraged to purchase/ wear the new cycling jersey, particularly on formal rides Cost is $58.00 (as displayed) with options including long sleeve and full-length zipper. The Committee has committed to purchasing the first batch to assist members review sizing, however all members may join this initial order

Urinary Chemistry Analyser

Formal hand-over of the $1,000 unit donated by the BUG was completed on Tuesday 17th March, 2015 at St George Integrated Community Health Unit (St George Hospital) The machine provides accurate early detection of urinary tract infections (UTI) and possible kidney disease. UTI can cause delirium in the elderly, resulting in falls - which cost the health system more than any other cause of injury, including road trauma. The machine will be used to screen all new referrals, and catheter patients. It is the first time the unit has had a urinalysis machine. The St George & Sutherland Leader was in attendance and completed interviews/ photos. Refer (our article i

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