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Urinary Chemistry Analyser

Formal hand-over of the $1,000 unit donated by the BUG was completed on Tuesday 17th March, 2015 at St George Integrated Community Health Unit (St George Hospital)

The machine provides accurate early detection of urinary tract infections (UTI) and possible kidney disease. UTI can cause delirium in the elderly, resulting in falls - which cost the health system more than any other cause of injury, including road trauma.

The machine will be used to screen all new referrals, and catheter patients. It is the first time the unit has had a urinalysis machine.

The St George & Sutherland Leader was in attendance and completed interviews/ photos. Refer (our article is on Page 9)

BUG members in attendance for the handover were Prue Gage, Paul Gage, Joe Calo, Amanda Cook and Michael Fuller


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