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Benefits of a Foam Roller

For fast recovery for stiff, sore muscles and a quick return to top riding condition, you need to get on a roll.

Without the benefit of a masseur like the ones pro riders enjoy, the next best thing for bike riders is self-massage with a foam roller. In fact, the roller gives you a great deal of control. You can find and gently massage areas of soreness, trigger points and knots, and by varying how much weight you apply, you can moderate the intensity.

Massaging your muscles promotes circulation and, therefore, muscle repair. The effect is that it reduces aches and stiffness.

You can use the roller straight after a ride but it’s probably most effective the next day, when your muscles have started stiffening up. You can also roll before stretching, and then roll after as well.

Try pausing at the sensitive points, maintaining the pressure and bend from the knee and straighten again. Don’t spend too long on sensitive spots - you’re not trying to fix anything, just to promote recovery. Don’t roll over your joints - this is massage for your muscles and the pressure could aggravate the tendons where the muscles connect to the bone.

To do the full routine allow at least 35 minutes.

*For the best program for your individual needs, see your doctor or a fitness professional.

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