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How to Ride a Roundabout

To ride a roundabout confidently you need to be assertive about taking your turn and you need to indicate clearly. Traffic can flow quickly, so you must be clear about what you’re doing.

The rules are that you must give way to traffic in the roundabout coming from your right and you must not stop in the roundabout. There’s an extra rule about giving way in a double-lane roundabout.

If you don’t feel confident, it’s a good idea to pull over the side of the road before the roundabout, dismount and walk your bike on the footpath past the intersection as a pedestrian.

However, if you know how it’s done you can take you place in traffic with confidence and ride through.

As with any instance of merging and giving way, try to make eye contact with the other road users so that you both can be sure that you’ve seen each other.


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